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What Frequency do I find you on my radio?
We are an international internet radio station which broadcasts on the internet 365 days a year. At stages throughout the year we link up with Scout Jamborees which may have temporary FM radio licenses for their location. The best methods of listening is through our official site or our free android app.
Are you Ham Radio?
We get asked this frequently. No we're not amateur radio / HAM Radio. You may have mistaken us for Radio Scouting!
How can I get involved with my group?
As a leader get your whole group involved with Scouting Radio. Help them learn about World Scouting. All you have to do is send us someting that shows how much you enjoy Scouting. Whether you are a Beaver Scout, Cub Scout, Kea, Webelo, Scout, Venture Scout, Leader, Administrator or Chief Scout. Whoever you are we want to hear from you.Write a short story, poem or prayer. Send us photos of your latest Scout activity.Record a piece of audio or video on a mobile phone or video camera and send it to us. Everyone who contributes to Scouting Radio receives a Scouting Radio reporter certificate
I like to get involved in Scouting but how?
Use the contact details on our page and we'll put you in touch with your nearest Scout Association
I've missed a show!
You can listen back to our previous broadcasts on our site or view videos from our shows on our YouTube channel
Can you come to our camp to report?
We love invites to camps and jamborees to report. We try to facilitate as best as possible. Please use the contact page to tell us about your upcoming event.
How can I get a Scouting Radio badge / Necker?
The Scouting Radio necker is awarded to our team members for their volunteer contribution to shows on Scouting Radio on a regular basis. The Scouting Radio badge can be purchased from our online store. All proceeds help keeping Scouting Radio broadcasting 24 hours a day.
Nobody has answered my email!
Apologies, please be patient, we get several hundred emails daily from listeners. We will try and respond as quickly as possible to your requests.
What is the Scouting Radio workshop?
If you wish to be a regular contributor to Scouting Radio we provide online training for all our volunteer reporters. Please use the contact page to express interest in joining the team